design dump

raycasts's entire kit n kaboodle lawdy

n that's not even talking about the product!!!!!! lata finder

raycast design raycast design raycast design raycast design ![raycastdesign] ![raycastdesign]

this codepen showing different background-blend-mode options

raycast graphic design raycast graphic design raycast graphic design raycast graphic design

jsr - oss pkg registry website design




incred resource, design

easy with ai easy with ai

shiki syntax highlighter example from astra

shiki syntax highlighter

dark plus moon light

dark plus moon light

bg glows

bg glow bg glow

figma dev mode add ons

well, #1 you would think figma's site better look sick, given that it's figma, and, it does! but also i'm getting worn down on whatever this style is… modern pastel border-radius bold color chunky?

figma homepage

but anyway, look how many cool ass community plugins they have:


figma addon


after giving up on pinterest whenever their lil paywall would appear over last ten years, i finally took the grueling 20s it took to make an account in order to better help my man envision my vision. the vibe i wanted was monica belluci's house in the matrix meets bjork meets Jlo's concrete home in Enough. A movie i used to watch whenver it was on which was often. Doesn't disappoint. Anyway here are my inspos and here were some standouts.

web design museum o m g

this sick font site

I inspected this sick publisher's site to see what font they were using.

That font was then found here… 1. all their fonts are sick, 2. all their font-demos are even sicker:

O, and the original also linked to this really sick blog:

i love purple boxes / purple and sucker 4 frosted glass effect regardless of the year

…as evidenced by all these random but similar images in my dev dump cloudinary folder… you'd think my task was to save a photo for everytime i encountered purple on a site:

design dump pic design dump pic design dump pic design dump pic design dump pic design dump pic design dump pic design dump pic design dump pic design dump pic design dump pic design dump pic design dump pic design dump pic design dump pic design dump pic design dump pic design dump pic design dump pic design dump pic design dump pic design dump pic design dump pic design dump pic design dump pic design dump pic design dump pic design dump pic

what i call blue purple (scientific name)

design dump photo

super sickly name for a software + purple:

design dump photo

cherry on top, me at my first job in nyc, w/ purple ok pink border

design dump photo cool stuff

Lookin for a new style, a new hair du, a new cut, a new calah. Design resource compendium. Lots of cool stuff.


p much all the stuff slew



a code editor and whose colors r a balm to soul:

![beep]( ![beep]( ![beep]( # nova 2 Their lil store has untold extensions like this gorg looking postman one... oh and a browser and server spawns automatically with fully inspectable dev tools dom tree... like what. Oh and it's insanely fast (so far). ![beep](

if Thomas Pynchon doesn't publish another book b4 i perish i'm gonna resurrect and stalk; in the meantime there are about a trillion fan sites and their graphic design is molto bene:

This one gives me level geniuses, this guy is up there. He, among other things from cursory glances, is into electronics, waveforms, you name it, and also ofc aggregates annotations about Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon.

Take this random page


Or, click around for a little while on the hyperlinks, which it is hyperlinked to hell, and you'll be taken ton sophisticated electronics and other cool stuff:


Or go to the root domain of their site to be exposed to their even more expansive CV… presence of greatness and madness vibes.


And then on top of that just some gorg prolific art… and here I thought special for reading all his books and have 100 pages of annotations or less.


ditto another one of the pynchon-devoted wikis (not by their royal Highness (gonna have to do deep dive into them laster))


Maybe I'll do a lil montage and have some of my old embarassing journals and hyper annotated copies of his work :weary:

omg what on earth is this

github's tag color scheme

github color


A lil dramatic and funky but no one could say ineffective.




All the standards websites are gorg.


openai color scheme


glow steamy shower door

I wonder if this is a trend that in 10 years we'll look back on as something so dated. I can't imagine that currently, but alas, can we ever (80's big hair, or mullets, or The Rachel). That's to say that I love the glow / "steamy shower door" effect. Here's an example of from pinia's documentation:


And here's another from a nuxt starter project when you have a TS error, much more friendly than the terminal-style:


common weakness enumeration

Came across this very serious and insanely complex site when I was looking at a link in the sonarlint extension (which deserves its own post)… but anyway, love the design, snark, and general neckbeardery. Particularly ominous is the subsection on "behavioral issues". Can u imagine getting an argument with lvl 300 mages that admin this site?



The dedication is crazy tho. This is just one tailored subsection for the top 25 of 2023 CWEs, by which u can sort per yer area of interest:



homebrew browsin

I'm making this thing breview, homebrew preview, and each formula has a homepage key. Most are as cool and classic as you would expect:




altylsyl, the height of style



random cmake site


where there's gorg there's drama

So I was looking at what other tarot cards looked like and check this out:


the for some reason I clicked talk/edit section at top of page and you find all kinds of amazingly designed color palettes, and peeved out editors… not even sure what this is for but I want it:



from this sick site that has a built in note taking widget, ratings, chat, and amaze design :~)


pretty browser engineering site


verdana 4 fun, courier for speed

Selection of the optimum font type and size interface for on screen continuous reading by young adults: an ergonomic approach.

There is a rapid shifting of media: from printed paper to computer screens. This transition is modifying the process of how we read and understand text. The efficiency of reading is dependent on how ergonomically the visual information is presented. Font types and size characteristics have been shown to affect reading. A detailed investigation of the effect of the font type and size on reading on computer screens has been carried out by using subjective, objective and physiological evaluation methods on young adults. A group of young participants volunteered for this study. Two types of fonts were used: Serif fonts (Times New Roman, Georgia, Courier New) and Sans serif fonts (Verdana, Arial, Tahoma). All fonts were presented in 10, 12 and 14 point sizes. This study used a 6 X 3 (font type X size) design matrix. Participants read 18 passages of approximately the same length and reading level on a computer monitor. Reading time, ranking and overall mental workload were measured. Eye movements were recorded by a binocular eye movement recorder. Reading time was minimum for Courier New l4 point. The participants' ranking was highest and mental workload was least for Verdana 14 point. The pupil diameter, fixation duration and gaze duration were least for Courier New 14 point. The present study recommends using 14 point sized fonts for reading on computer screen. Courier New is recommended for fast reading while for on screen presentation Verdana is recommended. The outcome of this study will help as a guideline to all the PC users, software developers, web page designers and computer industry as a whole.


pretty cool tool and technically creative, you can make a little site where all data is then contained in the url generated. Here's the code (with some chars removed) for a frame.


this blog and link collector of a typographer]


all of

OK maybe not every single one, but most of em… look at this WebGL globe collection:


amaze idea too

this professor's physics site

the colors layout ux… thinking of copying




pretty if ubiquitous

was watching Fantastic Fungi and came across this Paul Stamets character. Thought the design, font, colors, animations on double bling mag were pretty.

However pretty, this style seems to be metastasizing both online and off and reminds me of how every new book cover looks:


Was browsing github came across this lib whose documentation website has gorg lil floating blurred squares [] around in the nav links. I personally love the frosted glass / hot shower glass door look:


literally design

OS housing design w/ CNC wikihouse.

variable font playground


general reference, cross-computing tools and techniques, design

a big ole massive resource



eggsactly what is sounds like: 1001 free fonts

site that's been publishing about typography for 20 years



design guidelines for most popular components

Check out this one about cards.


headspace's non-heady homepage

I wonder what we will think of this design in the past? Are all design trends just like fashion trends and we'll think of the frosted-glass effect as we do waterbeds and aquane? Design like Headspace's is really pretty to me but I can't help but think that it will bizarre in retrospect.


fav editor color theme

One of them is "Monokai Pirokai Beach Sunset":


this playwright centric blog



the color scheme on this testing site




links galore

audacity's design



Like what is happening over there—if you thought hyperlink clicking was an endless rabbit hole then you haven't pressed the "edit" or "read" button and clicked a few prolific profiles.

slap button

mui… meh, unless…?

I have never been a fan of material design :weary:. It looks nice in the wild, but I always found it impossible to make a cohesive looking view using any of em. Maybe that still is the case. In any case, I like what colors they've chosen for these different callouts, asides, alerts etc: