It Does Indeed Exist on Combined Vue Instance!

An error probably seen before:

'xxx does not exist on type CombinedVueInstance<followed by a bunch of stuff>'

For a while, in order to silence an this typescript error when developing vue2 component, I just used the (this as any).theOffendingFunction

Of course, any anys are to be avoided, so here's another way to resolve the issue with legitimate typescript.

Start by importing Vue constructor at top of script file like so:

// import Vue from 'vue' // old

import _Vue, { VueConstructor } from 'vue' // new

Then you can define types, and pass those as type arguments to your now reassigned Vue constructor. So, say you want to invoke a getter GET_ACCOUNT in your component, and when you do so this.GET_ACCOUNT you'll get the 'xxx does not exist on […]'

export type LocallyPickedGetters = Pick<
  MyGetters, 'GET_ACCOUNT'

const Vue = _Vue as VueConstructor<
  _Vue & LocallyPickedGetters

export default Vue.extend({
  // proceed as you normally would

  accountInfo() {
    // no error bc now! it certainly exists