music dump

roof moment bjork

my friend was on a roof w/ bjork + her choir and saw this happen:

ببرواس حرواس حسين شلونك عيني شلونك

arab idol > american idol

carl craig :sob:

which reminded me of these two jams:

home - hold

21:00 ~>

new frames - scatter



00:07:00 :sob:

teatre - regret

burial + adam curtis

dj boronin - playback

from ~ 27:00 of

giovanni d'auria - nin

gigi d'agostino - l'amour toujours

omar s



at 1:57 her and the pianist both grin @ what's about to follow

3:08: a moment

ناديا المنفوخ

Parwas Hussein

4 strings


especially the Choreography at… especially 01:08 — hilary duff SNL's performance is recalled unbidden

Omar S

making the band lmao

kyau & albert