rust is pretty sick

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ok wowwie

I was writing some companion notes as I was following along with the rust book. I found myself appending screenshot after progressively wowwier screenshot as I played around with cargo doc --open


cargo = rust's build tool & package manager

gives you the following commands

cargo build cargo test cargo doc (!) cargo run (compiles & runs in one step) cargo publish (publishes to )

for global installation of fmt & linting tools:

rustup component add rustfmt ; rustup component add clippy

where yours truli was woo'd

in the lil starter project I used the rand random number generator

use rand::Rng

// etc

let secret_num = rand::thread_rng()
  .gen_range(1, 101);

cargo doc --open will build docs provided by all ur local dependencies; if u are using rand::Rng, you can call the former and click on rand to find out more functionality contained in the crate


then clicking on the methods will reveal trait implementations, methods, etc.


wowwie :ok: !


p.s. there are gorgeous examples for each method :scream:


/ omg it will even show you the source code for any method :gagged:


With the help of cargo doc I quickly was able to peek at other methods available to a pkg, see example uses, see the source code for each, and add them to my own project.

The only docs I've seen that are this good/practically usable are Haskell's (jk!! :smiling:) Ramda's. The diff? Cargo generates them on demand for locally installed crates.

In addition to the v cute design the rust homepage links to the best intro docs and books. Rust by example is a big ole compendium of well written explanations about every feature with lil embedded IDEs on every page.