tmux epiphany followed by others of larger, grander scale


 tmux ls
cloudinaryDaemon: 1 windows (created Sun Jul 14 08:21:35 2019)
npmRunDevelop: 1 windows (created Sun Jul 14 08:50:40 2019)

today, post-ssh-ing into a machine & running history and seeing tmux peppered throughout, ‘twas then I knew that twas time to spiral / actually, fully read the man pages once n for all!!!1!

tmux is NOT a ~terminal multiplexer~ (it is) but look no further for a more opaque tech(nical) def(inition) successfully precluding any reading on many-o-times

my def, post nirvana reached being

sessions allow u to do stuff like, start a session, run ./start_dev_server followed by ctrl-b d which spits one out of tmux session, but: *doesn’t stop said process from continuing to run, log to stdout, whatever else it does, forever, EvEn iF yOu ClOSe YouR tErMInal

this led to a pseudo-epiph (the shock and awe of the process still remaining on application close) for (literally just a few) seconds until I realized "ofc is just a background process/daemon/like-countless-other-processes-processes now…"

cue elucidation of prob tmux was solving (in this case): starting a process in the background

but, ofc, there's & as in ./start_dev_server & which, later can be recalled from jobs

epiph re tmux ~> epiph re Processes

but honestly just use tmux so that you don't have to figure out the syntax of piping the output of ur <said_process> to > /dev/null &2

completely unrelated, i discovered this moments later lmfao

tldr if u open a multiple tabs/windows in $TERM, stop n do them in tmux